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Wanna make impact and solve our global climate and societal challenges?

Then you should join Nordic FUTURE!


Welcome to the days that could change everything! Our goal is to go beyond sustainability and build a regenerative world that positively Impact 9 Billion people in our society by 2050. 


Nordic FUTURE brings together innovative local entrepreneurs, change-makers, connectors, civil society and academia with global investors, thought leaders, eco-systems & innovation communities.


System entrepreneurs, with facilitators doing good, reconnecting to our roots to Women, Social Entrepreneurs, CleanTech solutions empowering relationships.


Together with the latest in digitalization, like VR/5G/AI/XR & Leadership, next generation Education solutions, Smart functional cities & Mayors, building relationships and business with global investors and innovators.

Why Nordic FUTURE?

In today's fast pacing change in business and our society with global challenges, climate change and are robots going to take our jobs?


How do we create the new jobs and build a regenerative welfare society? 


How will digitalization and the Industry 4.0 impact us? Big challenges requiring big Ideas! 

We are at the same time standing in front of maybe the biggest opportunity for positive change ever! With an expected population growth to reach over 9 billion in 2050. 

9 Billion who needs Energy, Water, Food, jobs, meaning, somewhere to live and work, consume more consciously.  


No one can predict the future, but we can decide what kind of future we want, so welcome and co-create a beautiful regenerative one! 

That is why we invite you to join and Co-create a regenerative future and a New Nordic story. A story with the SDGs (UNs 17 sustainability development goals) also called global goals.


Our focus will be on Women with Impact, Smart Functional Cities, Circular Bioeconomy, Energy and water.


And how we can deliver Impact with the next generation of Education and new technologies like VR/XR/5G/AI for a better society and World.



Will be updated frequently up to the event 

Statements from previous Nordic FUTURE 

"Game-Changing week"

Nina Simosko,


"Better than Slush and

Sweden demo Day"

Leo Johard, 

CTO Calejo AI

"This is by far one of the

best events in Sweden"

Liza-Maria Norlin

Author, Moderator

"Thank you Sweden and

the Nordics"

Jeff Wallace

President Global Kinetics

Join Nordic Future and Co-create new Nordic solutions for global challenges!