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Nordic FUTURE brings together innovative local entrepreneurs, change-makers, connectors, civil society and academia with global investors, thought leaders, eco-systems & innovation communities. 


System entrepreneurs, with facilitators doing good, reconnecting to our roots to Women, Social Entrepreneurs, CleanTech solutions empowering relationships. 


Together with the latest in digitalization, like VR/5G/AI/XR & Leadership, and next-generation Education solutions, Smart caring cities & villages, building relationships and business with global investors and innovators.



We are cordially INVITING you who have solutions, ideas and are curious to learn more in each of our co-creation focus topics to make the world a better place.

You can be a startup to scaleup, entrepreneur, individual, organization, innovation and ecosystem professional, mayor, investor, bring your passion! 















It is about creating jobs, ATTRACTING talent, supporting entrepreneurs and investors. Solutions, education, inspiration, and action NOW to solve our global climate and societal challenges. 

9 Billion people who need Energy, Water, Food, jobs, meaning, somewhere to live and work, consume more consciously. We believe the Nordics can take a lead here. 


No one can predict the future, but we can decide what kind of future we want, so welcome and co-create a beautiful regenerative one! 

That is why we invite you to join and Co-create and explore how we can create an impact beyond sustainability for Smarter Caring Cities and Villages. At the same time start to co-create a New Nordic story.  A story with the 17 SDGs (UNs sustainability development goals) also called the United Nations global goals. 


The focus topics under Smarter Caring Cities and Village will be on Women with Impact, Circular Economy, Bioeconomy-Forests, Energy, Water/Oceans, Education and technology like VR/XR/5G/AI for a better society and World?

Why Nordic FUTURE?


More than half of us live in cities. By 2050, two-thirds of all humanity—6.5 billion people—will be urban. Sustainable development cannot be achieved without significantly transforming the way we build and manage our urban spaces. Important that we also do this in combination with rural and urban areas in collaboration. 

UN's Sustainability Global Goals

usn goals.png

Our  Nordic circular co-creation model is based on Questions that lead the focus and power of creative communities. 


- What progress is made?

- What if we...?

- How might we fix this?

- Let's see what's happening now?


These caring questions are the foundation of our Nordic circular co-creation model. We have

intentionally iterated this Nordic formula for many years; based upon the strengths-based,

innovative and circling Appreciate Inquiry approach (AI).


Our objective is to bring real, sustainable value to each attendee, partners, and share it with followers online.



You will get inspiration, guidance, and use tools in dialogue with the supportive network of other co-creators. You will take direct action on the relevant topic/interest of yours as a concrete result.

Our International, national, and local inspiration thought leaders and practitioners, sharing whats going on in the world, is mixed in moderated interactive dialogues during three sets per day.

That energy and the insights that we transform and take with us into these three sessions over

each day is leading us to a more self-organizing, learning, and caring - Nordic future.

Each of the days at the Nordic FUTURE has a life-giving rhythm of;

In the mornings:

- What progress is made? - This dialogue is about discovering the best things to bring

with us into the future, our success factors, high-quality connections, and the process that

is made.

- What if we ...? - is about dreaming and imagine new possibilities, future opportunities,

and scenarios that we together would love to see come true.

The afternoon after lunch focuses on: 

- How might we fix this? - Fixing tools for this is design and prototyping and is about

build to think and to be able and test what wows people. To build and, to test out, our

ideas on people to make them say: Yes, We want more of that! Or show them your

prototype to make them say, No, that is not what We want! Refine them and make them

more beautiful!

And finally, 

- Let's see whats happening now? - The magic of Destiny is about connecting with the

people and resources that want our great ideas to come true.


We do that by gathering at optional evening events each day to continue sharing ideas, network, and co-create a flourishing future. And meet and share online on our channels.

Let us Co-create a flourishing, inspiring, caring Nordic FUTURE, that you personally, and others want to see come true!

Welcome to Helsinki metropolitan area, Finland. 

Reservation for changes, all rights reserved @nordic future 2020.






Nordic FUTURE will explore a Co-creation circular approach and our objective is to bring real value to each attendee, partners and share it with followers online.

How? You will get guidance, tools, inspiration, and a network of co-creators and facilitators who will help you to take action on the relevant topic/interest of yours towards concrete results.

Our International, national and local inspirational speakers, sharing what’s going on in the world, is mixed in a moderated interactive dialogue on stage during 3 sets per day.

EVENTS during Helsinki Nordic Impact Week

(all events below will on Eventbrite to register separately) 

Monday 2.3

Opening of Helsinki Nordic Impact Week, 5-7 pm with keynotes from our International guests and local entrepreneurs about the expectations and activities for the week. Venue t.b.d. 

7 pm - 10 pm Nordic FUTURE party for change at the Teatteribaari lounge bar.  

Tuesday 3.3

1-3 pm, Crowdfunding with Oxygen2050.  

1-4 pm, Impact at XR-center,

5-7 pm, Women with Impact at Think Company

Hanken Business Lab event. Time to be confirmed. 

5 - 9 pm, Black Swan Event. 

7 pm - 10 pm Nordic FUTURE party for change at the Teatteribaari lounge bar 

Wednesday 4.3

9 am 12 pm, Kickoff and launch for Forest, Smart Caring Cities, Education, and Opendata hackathons to be held on May 22-24. Venue Aalto learning center, Otaniemi. 

12 - 2 pm, Facilitator training at Aalto learning center, Otaniemi. 

12 - 2 pm, Nordic-Baltic ASEAN Smart City Network introductions at Epicenter Helsinki.

2 - 4 pm, Open walkthrough of Oodi Helsinki Library.

7 pm - 10 pm Nordic FUTURE party for change at the Teatteribaari lounge bar 

Nordic FUTURE 5-6.3

The main event and finals of the Helsinki Nordic Impact Week at Epicenter Helsinki. Get your tickets here