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Join Nordic Entrepreneurs to Silicon Valley

Get your Super Early Bird tickets today before Aug 20th. 

Join the Nordic Impact Week and Journey for Entrepreneurs with SoCap18

Please, enjoy the Inspiration movie from 2017, please share if you like thank you!

A weekly program at the world’s leading conference on Social Enterprise, Impact Investing Societal Change, and Innovation In Silicon Valley, San Francisco & Los Angeles October 19-31, 2018

Nordic Impact Week are celebrating our 5 years anniversary of 2018. We will create something special for 2018. Nordic Impact Week are Bridging the Nordics with the World in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Imagine yourself in San Francisco and Silicon Valley with the coolest entrepreneurs, investors, and networks. Business, networking, knowledge, Inspiration, and fun.

Please, enjoy the Inspiration movie from 2017, please share if you like thank you!

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