• Lars Ling

Turkish delegation visits CleanTech companies in Sundsvall

A delegation from Turkish companies visits Sundsvall on Monday 15 april to meet the environmental ventilation company Living filter.  The delegation will visit several installed customer sites of the patented natural ventilation system Living filter.

One visit is Midlanda airport, that has one of the world's greatest living filter installed. Also PEAB, the Nordic community builder will host a visit. PEAB is also a strategic partner of Living Filters in Sweden AB.

We are noticing a growing interest in living filters innovative ventilation system based on natural plants in workplaces and private homes in a natural way, says Olle Bergseije, Sales and Marketing manager.

Living Filter is a patented solution that began with reseach at NASA, the space science center in the United States and Professor Lars Thofelt in Östersund developed into what it is today.

Demand is increasing, we had a Spanish delegation visiting just weeks ago, more are expected as the demand for energy efficient and environmentally friendly ventilation from construction, engineering and architects are really growing.  

Also the awareness in the world to find better solutions than today's traditional ventilation systems makes living filter a sustainble, healthy, efficient and profitable solution.

Media are welcome to;

Monday, april 15th at 12.30 – 13.30, Midlanda Airport, Sundsvall.

15:00 to 16:00 In PEAB, Sundsvall.

Warmly welcome, please notify if you wish to visit at any of the sites above. Pls Call for more information and guiding to the locations.

Olle Bergseije, Sales and Marketing Living filter, 070-872 03 04, olle@levandefilter.se

Lars Ling, Clean Tech Region, tel.072 – 740 66 06, lars.ling@cleantechregion.se

Full story online http://issuu.com/cleantechregion/docs/greensolutions_fromsweden_vol_1_webb

Miniature rain forest cleans air

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